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By Paul Ian Chaplin

8th March 2019

I read this in 3 days, to say I couldn’t put it down is a complete understatement. 7 stars. Having enjoyed the previous 2 books I had high hopes! The author exceeded my expectations by a long way. This tale has always been rich but now multiple complex layers have been added seemingly effortlessly. Plot twists and personality traits majestically described as well as locations so vividly painted I was literally feeling the ambient temperature through my reading. I had a lump in my throat sometimes and I laughed out loud too. I genuinely care for the characters well being and often found myself leaning forward in anticipation. But the best news is there’s more to come. What a relief.


By MandaPanda

4th December 2018

Amazing book, have loved this series. Read the book in less than a week. Cannot wait for the next one to be released. Brilliantly written, enjoyed the twists and turns and surprises. 5 star book and definitely recommend.


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