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If you look up the word Hygge, pronounced 'hoo-gah'. (Yes who would have thought! I bet you have been pronouncing it wrong, or was it only me). It is a Danish/ Norwegian word for the feeling of cosines, contentment and well-being.

Many things are now presented and priced accordingly under the name of Hygge, but really the simple things that give you a snugly cosy feel are all you need to achieve this feeling.

Below we have compiled a list of things to make you feel more 'Hygge'

1) Twinkling Candles

2) A mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows (Make sure to use your best mug so that it feels even more special)

3) A snugly throw draped over your sofa, ready to pull over your legs to keep you toasty.

4) A pile of your favourite magazines on the coffee table to delve into when you get 5 minutes to yourself

5) Spending an afternoon baking a cake and then enjoying it with family or friends ( and not worrying about the calories)

6) Turning off your mobile phones and actually spending time with the people you live with. Play board games, have a movie night and then all discuss what you liked or loathed about the film. Have an art competition where you pick a theme and then all draw or paint a picture.

7) Start journalling or begin that novel that you have always wanted to write. (We have a whole section on writing and publishing in the Book Shop Section of the website here)

8) Learn a new hobby (Natalie bought me a harmonica for Christmas as I said that I wanted to learn it.)

I pity the neighbours but when I pick it up and blow, it makes me smile every time.

9) All of the above are great to do, but are all indoors. Getting out into nature is such an uplifting feeling, real food for the soul.

You could get a reputable book and go foraging, pick up pinecones and use to make a garland for your home, stargaze at night and learn to navigate the stars (You can easily find star maps online to help you.

10) A wonderful picnic with laughter, good food, special friends and the sun's warmth on your skin, that's a great Hygge moment.

The word Hygge seems to be associated with Christmas and the winter months, but it is an all year feeling we should try to embrace through every month of the year.

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